What would you ask an LLN specialist?

What would you ask an LLN specialist?

Q: Where’s an LLN specialist when you need one?
A: At Velg Training’s National VET Conference in November!

This year, LLN guru Jo Medlin and I get to chat about all things LLN and VET. In our conversation, we will answer some of the burning questions VET practitioners have about LLN and other foundation skills, and how to help learners build the foundation skills they need to attain competence.

Please help us build the roadmap for our #2022NVC session by completing this three-question survey. Your responses will be valuable, even if you do not plan to attend the conference (but we’ll always tell you that #2022NVC is a great event for any VET practitioner)!

And please forward this post to your colleagues.

We will close the survey at the end of Sunday, 26 June and look forward to reading your suggestions, then.

Here’s the link to the survey

In advance, thank you!

Jo and Chemène.

P.S. So you know, here are the survey questions:

  1. Have or will you register for #2022NVC? (we won’t ask you to tell us if you intend to attend our session or not, but of course we hope you do!)
  2. What is your most burning question about LLN/foundation skills in VET?
  3. (optional) Do you have a second burning question?  If so, please share it with us.