VET Reform Tranche 2

VET Reform Tranche 2

Last time I checked, ‘tranche’ was French for ‘slice’.  In this post I will summarise what was announced this past week as part of VET Reform, ‘slice 2’

I attended the VELG Conference last Thursday and Friday (11-12 September) in Brisbane. Keynote presenters on the morning of Day 1 were:

The Minister was the first to speak
He began with a series of mantras we’ve already heard—that there is “too much waste in the VET system” …  “the era of training for training’s sake is over” …  “we are overhauling”…
At first I thought, ‘Oh no, this is all political puff with no substance!’  But then things got interesting.  He went on to describe at least in part what ‘overhauling’ meant.  He announced what he called the “second tranche” of VET Reform initiatives.
Key information to come from all three presentations:
  • ASQA will focus more on regulating non-compliant RTOs
  • ASQA will grant “earned autonomy” to RTOs with a strong record of compliance—ASQA will contact these high-performing RTOs in the next month
  • A more “contestable model” for the development of training packages will be introduced once the ISCs’ current contracts expire—therefore, ISCs may or may not remain responsible for development of training packages in the future  
  • Peta Furnell posed a question as to whether or not training packages and accredited courses will remain fit-for-purpose in the future
  • Chris Robinson acknowledged that high performing RTOs face unfair competition from poor-performing RTOs (thank you Chris, here’s hoping you can now do something about it).

 For more info, read:

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