TED10 Units: latest (99% final) versions available!

TED10 Units: latest (99% final) versions available!

I have just received:

  • the latest draft of the packaging rules for TED40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • a zip file with the lastest versions of the new TED10 units.

Remember that these are not the final versions of the units. This training package is yet to be endorsed, but seeing the drafts is a helpful indicator.

To get your hands on a copy…
Email me directly: chemene@blackwaterprojects.com.au and I can forward them to you.

These are (almost) the final versions of the units, as far as IBSA is concerned…
According to Tony Cusack, IBSA’s Project Manager for development of the TED10 Training Package, these units “… are ‘final’ as far as we are concerned. There may be minor edits from the edit/QA process but it won’t impact in any major way.” (29 Jan 2010). This is true, but until the new training package is endorsed, no-one can say for sure what new Cert IV qualification will actualy look like.

A reminder… We’d love your thoughts on the TED40110 elective units you would choose if the current draft version of the Cert IV qual is endorsed. If you haven’t already done so, complete our 5-minute survey. Just click here.
More news as it comes in! Cheers, Chemene.