TAELLN401A… steady on!

TAELLN401A… steady on!

Providers and clients of Cert IV TAE are showing a lot of interest in the unit, TAELLN401A Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills.  This no surprise, since a ‘LLN unit’ looks set to be added to the list of core units required for the Cert IV TAE.  But things aren’t quite as simple as that…

In this post I’ll summarise where I think we’re at as of today.  I’ll try to distringuish between:

  • known facts, vs
  • what we don’t yet know.

We know that:
IBSA has published its intent to add a LLN unit to the list of required core units for the Cert IV TAE.  See Changes Ahead for VET Trainers and Assessors, published by IBSA in late 2012.

We don’t yet know:
…when the LLN unit will be added as a Cert IV TAE core unit.  The Changes Ahead document suggests that IBSA is aiming for July 2013, but I’m guessing that the NSSC would need to endorse this change before it becomes ‘official’.

…how addition of the LLN unit will affect the packaging rules of the Cert IV TAE.  I think that IBSA are currently considering their options, then I assume will need to present their preferred option to the NSSC for endorsement before any such changes become ‘official’.

…the requirements of the LLN core unit.  Will it remain the same as TAELLN401A, or will it change?

…how long RTOs will have before they must start delivering the ‘new’ version of the Cert IV TAE, once introduced.

if or when practicing trainers and assessors who already have TAE40110 (but not TAELLN401A) will need to attain the LLN unit.  That having been said, here is some online info about this:

  • Page 5 of the Changes Ahead document suggests that trainers and assessors (even those who currently hold TAE40110) will need to either attain the LLN unit or demonstrate equivalent competence (note this document doesn’t say that trainers must attain this unit).  Furthermore, I don’t know if this is a ‘done deal’ or remains to be approved by the powers that be.
  • Page 24 of the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults (pubished by SCOTESE) states that: “From 2015, Australian governments agree that all existing VET practitioners will be required to complete the adult LLN unit (TAELLN401A – Address adult LLN skills).”  Again, I could find nothing to tell me if this is ‘done deal’, or just a recommendation at this stage.  If someone reading this post knows something I don’t, I’d welcome your input.

So, what now?
Instead of chasing our tail discussing what may or may not happen, let’s:

  1. Have our say:  look out for, and contribute to, industry consultations that IBSA is planning to undertake later this year
  2. Complete TAELLN401A ourselves.  I completed it in 2011, and found it very useful.  If you’re considering what professional development to undertake this year, why not this unit?
  3. Maintain a steady course:  keep providing quality Cert IV TAE programs and wait for the facts to come out about how the LLN unit will be introduced and what the implications will be for trainers and assessors.

I continue to write materials to support TAELLN401A.