TAE Training Package endorsed

TAE Training Package endorsed

The NSSC yesterday confirmed that in its meeting on 15 August, they endorsed the TAE training package.  This means that the TAE training package is now in the new, streamlined format.  Read more


We’ll need to update the TAE resources to include the new codes of the units and the new streamlined unit structure, but I don’t think the content of the Cert IV TAE have changed as yet (just a guess).  I’m watching training.gov.au to see when the new TAE package appears.

The news from NSSC doesn’t specify if the new LLN unit, TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills was endorsed, but I’m going to guess that it was (strictly a guess).  So, I continue to write materials for this unit.

Other big news in the bulletin:

The NSSC has said that they will no longer mandate that at least 30% of units in a qualification are elective units.  This will have implications for IBSA in the coming months when they consider how to incorporate the LLN unit as a core for the Cert IV TAE.  They now have the the option of simply adding the LLN unit to the core units and reducing the elective units from 3 to 2.

Nothing is ‘official’ as yet, except to say that TAE is here.  We’ll know more when TAE appears on training.gov.au.