TAE Assessment tool validation records

How our validation records assist your RTO with compliance

Blackwater Projects provides evidence of validation for the TAE resources we have designed and developed. Our validations are consensus validations with a team of stakeholders representing diverse RTOs and with diverse areas of expertise.  These stakeholders review the assessment approaches and assessment tools.

This validation evidence reassures RTOs that Blackwater Projects TAE materials have been reviewed against the requirements of Clause 1.8 of the Standards for RTOs 2015 (SRTOs 2015).

For those RTOs applying to put TAE on scope, the validation evidence available on our website may form part of the evidence you will provide of your proposed assessment system for TAE (in line with Schedule 2 of the SRTOs 2015).

The validation evidence on our website has only limited value for RTOs in demonstrating that they have conducted validation in line with clauses 1.9-1.11 and 1.25 of the SRTOs 2015.

2023.10.05 Pre-use validation TAE40122 RPL Kit

2023.09.29 Pre-use validation TAELLN422 Task 2

2023.08.10 Pre-use validation TAEASS404

2023.08.05 Pre-use validation TAELLN422 Task 1

2023.05.14 Pre-use validation TAEDES411, TAEASS412 and TAEASS413

2023.03.28 Pre-use validation TAEDEL311 and BSBCMM411

2023.03.17 Pre-use validation TAEDES412, DEL411 & DEL412

2023.01.19 Pre-use validation TAEPDD401

2022.10.18 Pre-use validation TAEDEL405

2020.08.12 Validation TAE40116 ASS v6

2018.07.20 Validation TAEASS502

2016.05.19 Validation TAE40116 ASS Stage 2

2016.04.19 Validation TAE40116 ASS Stage 1

2015.11.20 Response to TAE validation by TQ & CQU

2015.08.14 Validation TAE40115 draft RPL kit

2015.08.13 Validation TAE40115 draft – DEL units

2015.08.07 Validation TAE40115 draft – ASS units

2015.08.06 Validation TAELLN411 – tool version 2

2015.08.06 Validation TAE40115 draft – DES units

2013.09.27 Validation TAELLN411 – tool version 1

2013.08.12 Validation TAELLN401A

2012.12.20 Validation meeting – TAE40110

2010.10.26 Validation TAEASS502A

2010.07.15 Validation TAE40110 – RPL kit

2010.06.07 Validation TAE40110 – assessment tools

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