What TAE resources can we offer?

Exactly what is available?

Our aim is to make your life easier by reducing some of the burden that comes with providing such an important qualification. Therefore, our ‘product’ includes both:

  • products—learning and assessment materials your RTO needs to deliver and assess 12 TAE40122 units
  • services to support you and your RTO as you implement TAE40122 – our services include:
    • ability to contact us at any time with questions or support
    • ongoing access to latest versions of the resources as they become available

Product options

For TAE40122 we are excited to have partnered with Pop Education. With their help, we can now offer digital learning resources and services, as well as the traditional TAE products that we have built our reputation on.

We now offer a choice of traditional or digital products:

  • Our traditional product includes editable learning and assessment materials that are ideal for facilitator-led delivery.
  • Through our partnership with Pop Education, we now also offer a choice of digital products that are ideal for online delivery (all digital products also include our traditional materials).

Choose the product that works best for your RTO.

See our product comparison for a detailed breakdown of each product, including a list of the materials and services included with each one.

Are the resources clustered or stand-alone units?

Our resources feature clusters of units where feasible, but for TAE40122 it also makes sense to offer some units stand-alone.

For this reason, we call each part of our TAE40122 program, a ‘module’ – in some modules, units are clustered and in other modules, units are delivered stand-alone.

Your RTO may deliver each TAE40122 module as a stand-alone program or Skill Set, or as part of the TAE40122 qualification, with one exception – contact us for more information.

Which TAE40122 electives are available?

In our standard TAE40122 program, we selected 6 elective units that industry feedback tells us are relevant to most (if not all) trainers and assessors working in a modern VET environment.

This article tells you all about our TAE40122 program design – it identifies the 6 elective units, explains why we selected them, and shows you how we are clustering all 12 units to create our TAE40122 program.

We have also agreed to produce materials for additional TAE40122 units.  Contact us for more information.

Do you offer different elective unit choices from those in your standard program?

We have developed materials for a selection of additional elective units.  Contact us for more information.

Are the resources up to date and will they continue to be updated in the future?

Your RTO will have ongoing access to the latest versions of all resources as they become available, for as long as you maintain your licence with us.

Pricing and licensing

How does the annual licensing system work?

Your RTO may purchase an annual licence:

  • at the level suitable for your type of RTO
  • for the product you want

When you purchase an annual licence, we will ask your RTO to pay:

  • A first year fee
    For this fee, your RTO may use the resources for the 12 month paid licence period with the number of TAE students your licence allows. Will automatically receive any updated versions of the resources produced within the paid licence period.
  • An ongoing, annual fee
    The annual fee is lower the first year fee. It is payable every year that your RTO continues to use the TAE resources. If your RTO pays each year on or before the expiry of the 12-month licence period, you are entitled to the annual fee.  If your RTO allows your paid licence period to lapse, you’ll need to pay to the first year fee again, when you next renew your licence.

Your RTO may not continue using the resources after the paid licence period expires.

Must I purchase resources for the entire TAE40122 qualification?

You get the greatest value from purchasing materials for the entire TAE40122 qualification, but you may also purchase resources for an individual module or Skill Set.

How much do the resources cost?

These resources represent an exceptional value, particularly for RTOs that purchase resources for the entire TAE40122 qualification.

The cost depends on the level of licence your RTO requires and on the product you wish to purchase a licence for.

Contact us for more information about our Product options, pricing, and to get answers to any other questions you have about our product.

What are the terms and conditions of purchase?

We offer you freedom and flexibility when using our resources and ask you to respect copyright and maintain integrity of the Product. Terms and conditions are listed in the Order Form and Client Agreement that we will ask you to complete and sign when you confirm your order.

Contact us to ask us to send you a copy of the Order Form and Client Agreement.

More questions

I am a current TAE40116 resource licensee – will I automatically receive the TAE40122 resources?

The TAE40122 materials are a new product, so you will not automatically receive them. But, we have arranged discounted rates for current TAE40116 licensees who wish to move across to a TAE40122 product licence without pausing your Blackwater licence with us. TAE40116 licensees who move to a TAE40122 product licence will be able to continue using the TAE40116 product at no cost until the end of the TAE40116 Teachout period.

Who is Pop Education?

Pop Education is the digital learning design company that I—Chemène—have partnered with to help me develop digital learning resources from my traditional Blackwater Projects’ TAE product.

This post tells you more about Pop Education and why I know they are the perfect people to care for my Traditional materials and let them sing in a digital format.

Are the resources compliant?

No resource provider can ever claim that their materials are compliant.  RTOs—not materials—demonstrate compliant practice.  What we can say is that we take all reasonable steps to ensure our assessment tools and learning materials are of a quality that will help your RTO meet compliance requirements.  We conduct pre-use validations of our assessment tools, we map all assessments, and in the unlikely event of a non-compliant performance assessment finding that relates to our resources, we will work with you to make the improvements needed to rectify the findings.

How will I know what to do with the resources once I receive them?

For our traditional product, we offer a delivery and assessment guide for each module.   Information provided in these guides will tell you how to deliver and assess each module.

The delivery and assessment guide for each module contains:

  • a list of the resources we provide to support delivery
  • delivery plans for the module
  • assessment marking guides for all assessment tasks that are included in the module
  • answer keys for learning activities, as relevant.

For our digital products, Pop Education provides an Implementation Guide for each module. This guide outlines how to implement the digital learning.

Contact us at any time with queries.

What if my RTO doesn’t cluster the units as they are clustered in the resources?

We’ve designed the traditional resources so that it’s very easy to change the unit clustering if desired. We want you to tailor them to suit your RTO’s training and assessment strategy, so we’ve made sure you can do this easily.

Email tae@popeducation.com.au to enquire about options for changing the clustering of the digital products.

For pricing and more information