General FAQs

FAQ’s below relate to our TAE40116 product. We are currently building our TAE40122 product and will update these FAQ’s in coming weeks.

Exactly what resources are available?

Our Cert IV TAE resources include all learning and assessment materials an RTO needs to deliver and assess the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. For a detailed list of materials included in our resource package, download our product catalogue.

What if my RTO doesn’t cluster the units as they are clustered in the resources?

We’ve designed the resources so that it’s very easy to change the unit clustering if desired. We want you to tailor them to suit your RTO’s training and assessment strategy, so we’ve made sure you can do this easily.

In what format are the resources delivered?

We deliver our resources in Word or PowerPoint format. See our product catalogue for more information.

Must I purchase the entire suite of resources?

You may purchase:

  • our Cert IV TAE qualification package (our most popular product), plus
  • selected products available as stand-alone items (identified by popular demand).

How much do the resources cost?

These resources represent an exceptional value, particularly for RTOs that purchase the complete suite of resources.

The price you pay will vary, depending on which catalogue item you purchase, and the level of licence you purchase.

Our product catalogue lists prices for all items and describes what you get for the price.

What are the terms and conditions of purchase?

We offer you freedom and flexibility when using our resources, and ask you to respect copyright and maintain integrity of the Product.

Complete terms and conditions are outlined in our Order Form and Client Agreement.

How will I know what to do with the resources once I receive them?

From the free downloads page of our website, we offer a suite of support documents for TAE licensees. One of these documents is called, READ THIS FIRST: How to get started.

This document provides a broad introduction to our resources and explains how to prepare them for first time use by your RTO. It also tells you about the other support materials we provide.

Contact us any time with queries.

Are the resources up-to-date, and will they continue to be updated in the future?

You will have ongoing access to the latest versions of all resources as they become available, for as long as you maintain your licence.

Since their release in 2010, we have continuously updated our TAE resources. We update for two reasons:

  1. Continuous improvement
    We continue to get bigger and better ideas to deliver TAE effectively and with impact.
  2. Changes to the unit/s covered
    We monitor ongoing changes to the units covered in our resources, and continuously update our resources to ensure they align to the most recent versions of the units and qualifications.

Our master revision record can help you identify whether or not your RTO is using the most recent version of each resource, and to see what updates have been made.

How does the annual licensing system work?

Your RTO may purchase an annual licence based on how much you will use our resources. We offer two levels of annual licences—select the level that matches the number of Enrolled Students* your RTO has each year.

*See the TAE Product Catalogue for a definition of Enrolled Student.

When you purchase an annual licence, you pay:

  1. A first year fee
    For this fee, your RTO may use the resources for the 12 month paid licence period with the number of TAE students your licence allows. Will automatically receive any updated versions of the resources produced within the paid licence period.
  2. An ongoing, annual fee
    The annual fee is lower the first year fee. It is payable every year that your RTO continues to use the TAE resources. If your RTO pays each year on or before the expiry of the 12-month licence period, you are entitled to the annual fee.If your RTO allows your paid licence period to lapse, you’ll need to pay to the first year fee again, when you next renew your licence.

Your RTO may not continue using the resources after the paid licence period expires.

How much does an annual licence cost?

The cost depends on the level of licence your RTO needs. Download the TAE Product Catalogue for pricing.

How do I work out what level of licence I need?

The TAE Product Catalogue has more information you need to help you make a decision about which licence is best for you.

So how do I place an order?

That’s easy! Visit the Pricing and Ordering page of our website, and follow instructions.

For pricing and more information