TAE and LLN: What’s the buzz?

TAE and LLN: What’s the buzz?


Since 2012 IBSA has publicised its intent to add a unit focusing on language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) to the list of core units required to attain Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE).  The latest word from IBSA (published in 2012) states that:

When the TAE10 Training Package is revised in July 2014 all new and existing trainers will need to hold, or demonstrate equivalent competency for, the unit TAELLN401A [Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills].

Our question:  what’s the latest as of 12 August 2013?

What’s the buzz?

Officially, there is no buzz…
By this I mean that I can’t find any web-based information from IBSA that explains status of the plan to add a LLN unit to the list of core Cert IV TAE units. 
My enquiries indicate the situation is likely to be as follows but please note this is not official advice from either IBSA or NSSC and you should not make business decisions based on this.  I think that:
  • IBSA still intends to add an LLN unit to the list of core Cert IV TAE units.
    Info based on emails, texts and phone calls from IBSA and others who have spoken to IBSA.
  • TAELLN401A, the current endorsed TAE LLN unit will NOT be the new core LLN unit.
    IBSA has written a new LLN unit:  TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills (same title as TAELLN401A).  TAELLN411 is written in the new, streamlined format for training packages.  Info based on emails with IBSA.
  • IBSA hopes that TAELLN411 will be endorsed in August.  Yikes… it’s August now!  But only the National Skills Standards Council can decide this.  Info based on email forwarded to me by someone who received an email from IBSA.
  • I think it remains IBSA’s intention that trainers who already hold the Cert IV TAE will need to attain a TAELLN unit.  Info is my assumption based on the original information published by IBSA and still on their website.
  • TAELLN401A and TAELLN411 will be considered equivalent in the sense that either unit is a suitable choice for trainers wanting to address the pending requirement to attain an LLN unit.  Info based on texts and emails from people who have attended recent IBSA events and who told me that this is what the IBSA representatives said.

TAELLN401A vs TAELLN411:  what’s difference?

I have seen the drafts of TAELLN411.  Although the two units are ‘equivalent’ as described above, their outcomes are slightly different. Therefore, RTOs won’t be able to simply re-badge their TAELLN401A training processes and materials with TAELLN411 branding.  They’ll need to make minor changes to content, as well.  Here are the key comparisons between TAELLN401A and TAELLN411, based on drafts I’ve seen of TAELLN411:

TAELLN401A (current unit):
  • Requires knowledge and use of ACSF to identify LLN development needs
  • Requires ability to address the LLN skills of two individuals
  • Mandates consultation with an LLN specialist
  • Mandates third party evidence of competence.
  • I have delivered this unit in 2 days.  I feel it could be done in 1.5 days with experienced practitioners.  At least half a day is needed to introduce participants to the ACSF.
  • Requires awareness of ACSF as a benchmark used by LLN specialists
  • Requires ability to address LLN skills of a learner group
  • Discusses consultation with an LLN specialist if required
  • Does not mandate third party evidence of competence.
  • I haven’t delivered this unit (obviously) but think it could be delivered in one (1) day; TAELLN411 doesn’t seem to require the same depth of understanding of the ACSF as TAELLN401A does.

Remember that TAELLN411 hasn’t been endorsed.  Until it is, we can’t say for sure what the content of the unit will include.

Developing training and assessment materials:  what I’ve done

Materials for TAELLN401A available now

I have developed an assessment tool and case study materials for TAELLN401A.  These are available for purchase now.  I haven’t developed a participant manual or facilitator guide.  See my website for more information.  

Materials for TAELLN411 under development

I am taking a chance and developing materials based on the most recent drafts I’ve seen for TAELLN411.  I don’t yet have a completion date, but am working as quickly as I can, given that TAELLN411 may be endorsed sooner than originally planned.

A quick reminder of the facts (not hearsay):

  • As it stands right now, there is no requirement for trainers to attain a TAELLN unit.  But having now completed this unit through training and assessment pathway, I can say that it’s terrific professional development, whether or not it is mandatory.
  • The NSSC, not IBSA, will decide if a TAELLN unit will be added to the core units required for the Cert IV TAE.
  • Even if/when TAELLN411 is introduced, no decision has been made as to how this will affect the packaging rules of the Cert IV TAE qualification.

    IBSA has been most helpful – let’s stay tuned to their website

    I can understand why IBSA would not post information on their site until definitive decisions are made about TAELLN411.  They seem to have been very good about telling people what is happening through community consultations and email correspondence.  So I’ll keep looking out for news from IBSA and encourage you to, too.  This way we’ll all get the facts directly from the source.