A sneak peek at the digital TAE40122 products

A sneak peek at the digital TAE40122 products

The image is amazing

This image—doctored up as it is—reminds me of how amazing nature can be, and reminds me of how amazed I felt last night when I had my first proper look at some of the digital resources that Pop Education is putting together for the TAE40122 qualification.

I normally prefer not to use slang in professional communication, but the best way to describe my response was, ‘blown away’.  Have a look for yourself:

A quick update on where we are at with TAE40122 development

You may (or may not) be aware that for the past 5 months I have been hibernating and playing the role of ‘hermit writer’ so I could get these TAE40122 materials written. We are making good progress and are almost there. I have settled into a nice routine working with Pop Education and others, that looks something like this:

  1. I draft products
  2. I validate products with a validation consultant who is an experienced ASQA TAE auditor (view validation records)
  3. I produce draft 2 products after validation
  4. I send draft 2 to Pop Education to edit
  5. Pop returns edited versions
  6. I finalise materials and publish on my website
  7. Pop weaves its magic and creates the digital experience from the final versions of my products.

Whether your RTO has already placed an order or wants to find out more, we are happy for you to contact us and answer questions. Melinda at Pop Education is coordinating queries so I can remain focused on writing.