Latest news: TED is dead, TAE will stay!

Latest news: TED is dead, TAE will stay!

Latest news from IBSA about TAE10 plus timelines for submission to NQC are out.

First, I have to emphasise… this isn’t final!

Information on this blog post gives a summary of IBSA’s most recent draft of the TAE10 Training Package. It hasn’t been endorsed yet, and so details below may change by the time TAE10 is endorsed. Having said that…

Summarising the latest news

  • New name: The training package to replace TAA04 will now be called TAE10 (for training and education).
  • Completion date: IBSA plans to submit the TAE10 training package to the National Quality Council for review in mid April 2010.
  • Initially, TAA04 and TAE10 to co-exist: The TAE10 training package will include the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus new qualifications. It will NOT include the replacement for TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment, as this qualification hasn’t yet been reviewed. Therefore, for the time being, TAA50104 will remain the current Diploma qualification, and TAE10 and TAA04 will co-exist.
  • TAE40110 and TAA40104 are equivalent qualifications, but not all units are equivalent (e.g. TAAASS403B Develop assessment tools is not considered equivalent to TAEASS502A Design and develop assesment tools).
  • TAE40110 qualification packaging rules same as in previous blog posts… 10 units total (7 core and 3 elective).

More info and resources

Click here to go to the IBSA website and download the latest info about the TAE10 Training Package. From here you can download pdfs of new Cert IV units, get information about equivalance between TAA and TAE units, updated qualification packaging rules, transition guide and much more. Remember that TAE10 is yet to be endorsed, so the information and documents presnted here and on IBSA’s website is subject to change. But, for those of us who are interested, they’re a helpful guide as to where TAE10 MIGHT go!