IBSA Announcement re TAE Training Package

IBSA Announcement re TAE Training Package

IBSA has added more detail to their website concerning recent changes to the TAE10 Training Package and introduction of the TAE Training Package.

Information given in my previous post (29 August) remains consistent with that given by IBSA today.

More about coming changes to TAE40110

Today’s announcement by IBSA confirms that it intends to take advantage of the NSSC’s recent decision to relax rules previously mandating that at least 30% of qualifications had to be elective units.  Based on this NSSC decision,  IBSA today confirmed that it intends to:

  • add TAELLN411 to the core of TAE40110 units (not a surprise)
  • reduce the number of elective units to 2, meaning a total of 10 units is needed to attain the Cert IV qualification (confirming what many of us guessed).

And another question answered…

By what date must existing trainers have attained an LLN unit?

Here’s what IBSA says:

All VET practitioners who do not hold the LLN unit 401A or 411 by June 2014 will be required to comply by June 2015 (Source: TAE Alert).

Click here to read all the detail from IBSA

It tells you about much more than just TAELLN411, and is worthwhile reading.

Questions I still have

  1. Is TAELLN401A REALLY superseded?  What about TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, where TAELLN401A is a core unit?
  2. I assume that when TAE40110 is updated it will have a new code:  TAE40114 (?)
  3. Does IBSA’s intent that all VET practitioners attain an LLN unit by June 2015 need to be endorsed/approved by a body other than IBSA.
Happy to hear from anyone with comments about this post or answers to my questions.