Listen first

I apply this philosophy when delivering training, and when embarking on larger projects. Before I tell you what I can do, I want to know what you hope to get from our work together.

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My thoughts about learning

I share a summary of my thoughts about learning below, to help you understand my philosophy that sits beneath how I design, develop, deliver and assess learning programs.


Learning is personal. Effective learning incorporates ‘one-size-fits-one’ learning experiences, even when working within ‘one-size-fits-all’ objectives and frameworks.

It’s not about me!

As a L&D practitioner, I think my job is to help people learn. Effective learning works best when we focus on what learners need, not on what we want to cover.

Learning is emotional

By the end of a learning experience, learners must feel…
They must feel confident, capable and committed to do what we have helped them learn to do. This affective* domain of learning is critical to successful learning, yet often overlooked.