Friends and colleagues

Tracy Richardson

Tracy Richardson

Tracy is as good as you get at technology-assisted learning – she has been a mentor and colleague on large projects, and she’s one of the nicest people I know!

Tracy has extensive and varied experience designing and managing digital learning solutions for corporate, government, education and not-for-profit clients. She has a track record of leadership on highly complex and high-stakes projects resulting in the significant transformation of the use of digital technologies for learning.

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Ann Leske

Ann is a foundation skills expert extraordinaire, and a trusted mentor to me

Ann Leske is a literacy expert who generously shares her foundation skills expertise with me.  Ann and I co-founded LLN and VET Meeting Place in 2015, which I continue to maintain.  Ann has moved on to new adventures but remains a valued friend and mentor who helps me ensure that information I provide about foundation skills in presentations and workshops remains current and useful.


Ruth Walker

Ruth and I work together on L&D projects that demand both high quality and compliance – or sometimes we just seek each other’s advice!

Ruth has eighteen years experience in VET as a trainer, compliance officer, consultant, researcher and auditor.

She is passionate about improving the quality of vocational education. She has numerous research papers published and regularly presents at VET conferences and workshops.

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Allison Miller

Allison, Ann Leske and I have worked together on digital learning and foundation skills projects

Allison has been involved in education and training for almost 20 years, as change manager, eLearning leader and innovator. More recently she has been helping small businesses work smarter in a digital economy.

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Vernon Song

Vernon Song

Vernon is Blackwater Projects’ engine—he’s a digital strategist who has helped me move my website and business operations into the 21st century

I first engaged Vernon in 2015 and since that time he has become an invaluable part of my team. He’s a lovely bloke and very, VERY good at what he does!

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