ASQA said ‘yes’!

ASQA said ‘yes’!

It has been a long time coming, but I can now say that an…

… ASQA-audited RTO that uses Blackwater Projects’ materials has added TAE40116 to its scope of registration!

(Plain English translation – someone likes our stuff)

Of course, I know that the RTO – not our materials – passed the audit.  But, I was pleased that the materials played a successful support act.

Version 2 of our TAE40116 materials available now!

In response to initial audit findings, I made some minor rectifications to the materials.  While I was at it, I performed a thorough review of the entire product suite.  This led to improvements that far exceeded the minor rectifications required.  I’m pleased to offer version 2 of our TAE40116 product, available now.

As always, this was not a solo effort – I would like to thank the colleagues and clients who offered guidance and support.  I’d also like to thank clients for their patience – I was reluctant to release these new materials until I knew that they met with ASQA’s satisfaction on at least one occasion.

If your RTO holds a current TAE licence for Blackwater Projects’ materials

Contact me today.  I will send you the password you need to download the most recent versions of the materials.